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So, why should you plump for a VBT setup instead of a more traditional, standalone offering from one of the sector's aftermarket heavyweights? First and foremost, pure and undiluted performance; if it doesn’t work it doesn’t get supplied, however pretty it might look. The fact that VBT doesn't do anything except performance brake kits means that there are no other distractions, and that it is perfectly placed to devise uncompromising kits that fit perfectly and perform in an exemplary manner. VBT builds brakes for performance applications, specifically for those that intend to drive their cars in the manner in which they were intended, hence why its kits are constructed from some of the most advanced materials around and have garnered praise from professional drivers both in cup cars and endurance racers alike.

Vagbremtechnic's success can be attributed, at least in part, to its innovative business model. Created by David Brown a little over 10 years ago in response to what he felt was a lack of capable braking hardware for the fettled VW community, VBT majors on its ability to source the ultimate OEM brake components, then offering them in a wide variety of VAG-friendly fitment options. This way of approaching performance braking takes a staggering amount of research and forward planning to pull off in any meaningful manner, and the fact that VBT is now able to offer such a wide variety of OEM-derived brake setups says a lot about its forward-looking nature.

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