Mintex M1166 Rear Brake Pad Set (MDB2004M1166)

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Mintex M1166 Rear Brake Pad Set (MDB2004M1166)

Manufactured to work from cold and keep on working until hot, while holding its friction level, the M1166 compound has been designed to provide consistent braking performance. With an optimum working temperature between 200°C and 400°C, this compound works well in long distance events where the demands on the braking system do not reach high temperatures. Positive pressure modulation and stable braking performance make this compound suitable for saloon car, single seater and sportscar use.

Key Points:
• High Performance from Cold
• Positive Pressure Modulation
• Flat Friction Curve Across the Temperature Range
• Average Friction Coefficient of 0.45
• Suitable For Medium to Long Distance Use

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