Vagbremtechnic Expands Range To Include All New AP Racing Asymmetric Radical Calipers For The MQB Platform

Vagbremtechnic Expands Range To Include All New AP Racing Asymmetric Radical Calipers For The MQB Platform

Posted by John @ Vagbremtechnic on 1st Sep 2017

The need to innovate is one of the fundamental tenants of the aftermarket braking world, so it should come as no real surprise that the team at Vagbremtechnic have released yet another brake application, this time based around AP Racing’s revolutionary asymmetrical calipers. It’s further proof of VBT’s commitment to advanced braking solutions, and should be music to the ears of anyone keen to utterly transform the stopping ability of their car.

It’s no secret that motor racing has played a massive role in driving the development of performance road cars, and few firms have a better understanding of this relationship than AP Racing, so much so that it’s in its name! AP Racing’s position as a supplier of advanced brake products to front running WRC, BTCC and WTCC teams means that it has access to a wealth of key data, and is therefore ideally placed to transition high-end motorsport technology to the road, with the most recent example being its asymmetrical calipers.

AP Racing’s asymmetrical calipers owe their arresting appearance to motorsport and their maker’s ceaseless demand for both strength and lightweight. The need to reduce unsprung weight without compromising strength forced AP to get radical, and they began by removing all non-essential material and leaving ‘meat’ only on those areas where it was structurally integral. This, combined with AP’s high pressure aluminium forging process, has resulted in 6-piston calipers which are 20% lighter and a whopping 25% stiffer than conventional, symmetrical equivalents.

The upshot of all this is that VBT is now able to supply some of the most advanced road calipers on sale today, calipers which have been blended with equally capable disc, pad and carrier packages. The kit ships with VBT’s signature product, lightweight aluminium caliper carriers, each having been painstakingly developed to work with AP’s re-worked calipers and to ensure a perfect, OEM-rivalling fit.

Size and lightweight were also of key importance when it came to working out which discs to use within this kit, and VBT eventually settled on a floating two-piece 390x34mm arrangement with AP Racing outer rotors, available in either a grooved or J-hooked configuration. These are matched with lightweight aluminium bells, complete with a stunning anodised black finish, plus a complete fitting kit consisting of high tensile M12x1.25, braided lines and quality spring washers.

The extreme, motorsport-derived nature of VBT’s latest performance brake kit means that while installation itself will doubtless be straightforward, doing so will require 19in or larger wheels. Even with said wheels in place VBT’s engineers highly recommend a dry fitment prior to final installation, if only to ensure that there’s adequate clearance between the inner wheel and the caliper. Wheel spacers or replacement wheels may be required.

Click through to learn more about J-hooked discs and the VBT range in general, or get in touch using the information below:

Price: £2,550.00 Inc. VAT – BK0019

Hardware included in Vagbremtechnic kit:

2x 6-piston AP Racing Radical calipers
2x Caliper carriers
2x 390x34mm 2-piece front brake discs
1x Braided front brake lines
1x Set of Ferodo DS2500 Brake Pads
4x Caliper to carrier bolts
4x Spring washers for caliper to carrier bolts

To complete this front brake kit you will need:
Brake fluid to flush system when installing

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